Our Staff

All primary teachers at St. Mark’s are trained and certified Montessori teachers. In addition, the entire school staff regularly attend training and workshops in order to offer your child the finest possible educational experience, true to Dr. Montessori’s philosophy and standards. St. Mark’s has a very low rate of staff turnover, which provides a consistent environment for your child.

Mrs. Deirdre O’Donoghue, Interim Director

Mrs. Lien Lo, Academic Director

Ms. Laura Bellinger, Montessori Teacher in Primary 1

Ms. Kimberly Bolognesi, Montessori Teacher in Primary 2

Mrs. Kathy Dinnison, Montessori Teacher in Primary 3

Mrs. Angela Santelices, Before and After Care Supervisor

Mrs. Ana Pilson, Classroom Assistant in Primary 1

Mrs. Isabelle Tran, Classroom Assistant in Primary 2

Mrs. Tzighie Deri, Classroom Assistant in Primary 3

Mrs. Reylani Gajudo, Before and After Care Assistant.